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Why Hire a Project Management Consultant? Is it worth it? What could possibly go wrong?

It is the nature of the industry for a lot to go wrong during construction projects, so it is definitely worth hiring an experienced Project Management Consultant. Here are three points to consider:

  1. Disruption and supply chain issues are not going away in today’s volatile market.

An experienced Project Management Consultant has the expertise to anticipate the probability and estimate the impact of each risk associated with a project. They use strategic thinking and innovative problem-solving to turn obstacles into opportunities to mitigate, or minimize, the effects of potential risks.  Proper planning is as critical as recognizing the risks, and enables the project manager to quickly react and implement appropriate strategies when a risk is realized. For example, adjusting a corresponding workflow can create efficiencies if supply chain delays threaten to knock the project off schedule.

  1. Most people over-spend on their building costs by up to 35%.

Hiring an experienced Project Management Consultant will greatly reduce the risk of overspending, unnecessary delays, and inability to meet set targets. When projects fail to satisfactorily meet requirements, organizations are forced to initiate corrective action to address the deviations from the original requirements, which extends the project timeline and increases cost. A Project Manager’s forward-thinking, proper planning, and effective information sharing with stakeholders, inside and outside the organization, prevents frequent changes which pervasively undermine project schedule and cost. A Project Manager offers the most effective way to establish accurate capital budgets, apply appropriate processes and controls to keep the costs down, eliminate losses, and keep the project on schedule, making sure project meets the original goals and business intent.

  1. Strong leadership and emotional intelligence are needed to build and lead high performing multidisciplinary teams. 

An Experienced Project Management Consultant develops strong relationships with all stakeholders. He/she ensures that sponsors’ and stakeholders’ (with diverse interests) needs and expectations are integrated to guarantee the project’s goals and scope of work is strategically aligned, communicated, and executed. Strong communication, technical knowledge, and years of experience, reduce ambiguity of goals and pursuits across the team. Collaborative leadership of diverse teams builds trust among the team members, empowers them to find common ground, and enhances performance to deliver better outcomes.  Value is delivered as a result of identifying, following, and auditing quality requirements, and keeping the team accountable. Furthermore, an experienced Project Manager employs efficient, tailored processes to monitor and report progress and results, to ensure successful communication among all of the stakeholders through the entire project. 

The bottom line is, employing a Project Management Consultant experienced in commercial interior build out and design will save you money, secure better results, and safeguard a much smoother process.