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Project Management

As an accomplished, PMI certified, Project Management Professional, I possess excellent problem-solving skills, sound judgment, and vast knowledge of industry standards and best practices. I use over 15 years of experience, to deliver your “reimagined workplace” according to the agreed upon objectives and project design parameters, on time and on budget. I will be your consultant, advocate, and advisor, looking after your interests. I can oversee the entire process from the initiation, through planning, executing, controlling, to the close of the project, or just part(s) of the process depending on your specific needs.

Project Management includes oversight of:

  • Due Diligence & Feasibility
  • Risk Assessment & Mitigation
  • Discovery & Visioning
  • Workplace Strategy
  • Space Planning
  • Design Development
  • Estimates & Budgets
  • Bidding & Contract Negotiations
  • Construction Management
  • Relocation
  • Monitoring, Reporting & Close Out

Workplace Strategy

Everyone is asking the same questions: What is the future of the work place? What is next?

The Covid19 pandemic of 2020 has changed the way we work, and how we think about work, forever. The truth is that no one can predict the future, and workplace needs vary significantly by industry. That is why workplace strategy is a vital part of your business success. To create an office ready for the future, we must design the workplace with an understanding of the unique needs of your organization, rather than just overlay trends and assumptions.

It is important to conducted interviews with employees to understand their expectations, their work preferences, their preferred changes in how they work, what they need to be most productive, and what matters most to them when they are in the office in person. Furthermore, we need to understand the business owners and/or executives’ appetite for change, and available budget. Finally, we need to understand how to design the workplace that can anticipate and accommodate future needs, and to build a strategy that aligns with business needs.

This process includes:

  • Setting a goal
  • Existing Office Review
  • Utilization Study
  • Listening to stakeholders
  • Synthesizing of the collected data
  • Creation of strategy

Additional steps may include Design Guidelines, Culture Strategy, and Change Management.

Space Planning

I provide test fits based on the workplace strategy, offering creative space layouts to satisfy the varying working preferences, as well as functionality, and future trends. The space layout is much more than a drawing of walls dividing different areas. People have complex and differing needs, so the key is flexibility and diversity.

An office needs to include a variety of spaces:

  • Me spaces – for individuals to get heads-down work accomplished
  • We spaces – neighborhoods for teams to work together
  • Conference & media rooms – for in-person and virtual meetings
  • Activity spaces – for collaboration and brainstorming
  • Event spaces – for social experiences as well as amenities, and furniture.

Furthermore, a great space layout supports:

  • Company culture
  • On-premises and remote workers
  • New tools and processes
  • Sustainability
  • Wellness
  • Equity and belonging

Interior Design

My design services aim to ensure that the company vision, mission, and strategy are incorporated with new aesthetics, and express a spirit of ingenuity and innovation – creating a design where form meets function and art; to emphasize the positive features and transform the space to make it more attractive. Using creative ways to create “visual” square footage by bring more natural light in, by adding open ceilings, choosing appropriately scaled furniture and arranging them in an attractive way, using a complementing color palette, as well as biophilia and art, so that the space appeals to a wide audience of end users.

Design details and finishes include, but are not limited to, flooring like carpet, tile, wood, polished concrete, kitchen and workroom cabinets, countertops, hardware, backsplash, appliances, lighting, paint and wall covering, window treatments, baffles and other acoustical treatments, furniture, rugs, artwork, and overall color palate.